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WI33 Refits

Stan March checked in with an update on his progress with his two WI33s. Pics are below.


Stan march is currently working on refitting not one but two West Indies 33’s.  The story of his first WI33 starts when he bought the hull and deck at the Heritage liquidation auction in late 1979. It was an aft galley and there were 2 others with deeper keels, and unfortunately when he showed up to pick up the boat, the deck was taken by another buyer as it had a liner and starboard cockpit hatch as well. Fast forward to 1990, the boat was launched  unfinished to local free anchorage.  A new rudder was constructed rudder, fitted out with a 12hp BMW diesel.  The intention was to rig as ketch with masts in tabernacles. While the masts were down and on deck, several boats were burglarized including masts, winches and most of the hardware. Since that time he has found suitable replacement spars and is shopping at marine flea markets to find replacement hardware. The boat is currently in a yard awaiting final fitting out.

             While this was progressing Stan caught an ad for an estate sail that listed a WI 33.  Not being shy about taking on another project he bought it and added it to his list of things to do.  This boat is a completely different boat than his however.  From the information he has been able to obtain he believes that there were only four WI 33s constructed.  This one was made with a center cockpit and a standard rudder.  Definitely a strange combo considering the amount of changes that needed to made to the tooling to construct it.  Based on that info I believe we have found all four of the WI 33s.  One in Yakutat Alaska from a wind vane site, one which sold to Tom Burns in Shalimar, FL early last year and these two.

WI33 Refit
small product photo      

Here is Stan’s boat on the Hard waiting for a new life


Note the transom hung rudder and propeller in aperture.


  Probably the only Center Cockpit WI33  
WI36 Rudder configuration
WI33 Brochure
WI33 Profile and Layout
    WI33_New   WI33_New_1   WI33_New_1      
WI33 in Aft Cockpit configuration
WI33 in Center Cockpit "OI" Configuration
WI33 in Center Cockpit "OI" Configuration