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Prelude Re-fit

Cabin Sole Renew
The cabin sole was renewed using pre-finished tongue and groove Bamboo flooring purchased at Sam’s Club.  After repairing the sub structure the bamboo was installed using a 2 part epoxy adhesive to bond it sub decking. Where the tongue and groove needed to clime the curvature area behind the chart table I removed the lower tang of the grooved side of the plank. The trim was replaced using teak that was oil finished and nailed in place using stainless steel brads purchased from Lows.

New Ports
The Ports were replaced with Mew Found Metals stainless steel ports using the supplied extruded mastic. 3M 4200 sealant was used to bed the exterior trim ring of the port. I did install the optional screens and found that I needed the chain port hangers to hold the ports open as far as I wanted to have them. Without the chain hangers I found that I hit my head on the edge of the open port. I also added a port in the side wall of the cockpit seat in the area near the centerboard winch handle.

Interior Painting
The interior Formica covered bulkheads were painted using semi gloss exterior house paint. This was accomplished after extensive surface preparation including washing with a strong detergent (Tide extra strength laundry) mixed with water at about 25% detergent to 75% water.  The washing was aided by scrubbing with a fine Scotchbrite pad. The final rinse was accomplished with warm water and looking for a water break free surface to verify the cleanliness of the surface.

Table Mounts
The table mounting plates were replaced with new powdered coated white parts. They were installed with stainless steel screws that were long enough to reach the sub-decking.

Scupper Tubes
The leaking scupper tubes were resealed using 3M 5200.  This was accomplished by removing the old sealant inside the boat and replacing it but also sealing the outside around the deck scupper tube.  The outside interface between the tube and the deck received a 1/8 inch groove around the tube using a Dremal rotary tool with a ball type stone.

Companion Way Shroud
The companion way shroud was remover, repaired and refinished using two part polyurethane paint. While the shroud was off the boat I found that the companion way stop was installed without bedding compound and the screw installation provided a leak path for water to enter the space between the cabin overhead and the deck tray.  This was repaired by reinstalling the stop with 3M 4200 sealant



New Sail
I purchased a second hand Gennicker with a sock furling set-up. To fly this sail I mounted ring plates, similar to the main sheet attach plates, to the deck slightly in front of the rear deck chocks. I will attach blocks to these ring plates when I plan to use this sail. We tried this sail and it gave us wonderful down wind performance (5-6) in wind to 10 knots. After the wind picked up we bagged the sail using the sock and went back to the 140 jib.


Prelude's Refit
small product photo      
Vee Berth on board Prelude

Starboard setee with new portlights

  Better view of the newly installed New Found Metals Stainless Portlights.  
Galley and Dinette.   Prelude's Main Cabin   Exterior of the Stainless ports. Also note the self tacking jib.