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Photo Galery (Pictures of our first WI36 Hull #17 Delfino)
Delfino   HIN   Overhead  

Delfino sitting at the Alophsin Piers at Ft Adams in Newport, RI


An example of the HIN on the WI36's. Located on the Stbd upper portion of the transom. HYA (Heritage Yachts) 36017 (36 feet hull # 017) 0976 (September 1976, date of MFG) 109 (Design number 109)


Delfino rafted up to a Kettenburg 46.

In the Ways  
Transom traveller
  Delfino Head  

Here is Delfino after her first bottom job to repair all the blisters, Cove Stripe put on at the pier.

  Here is a shot of the transom mounted traveller setup. A very nice addition allowing the helmsman to work the main and the genoa winch from the helm station.   Here is a shot of the head with a Wilcox Crittenden Skipper II installed  
  Arrival   Transom Traveller   Refit begins  
  Here is Delfino shortly after arriving from Marathon in the winter of '06.   I just liked this shot of the water reflecting on the quarter.   The refit begins on Delfino  
  Stern View          
  Here is a shot of the scoop transom that was added. To my knowledge only four WI36's had this modification and they were done in Charley Morgan's yard in Tampa sometime in the late '80s.