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             If you have read about how we came about owning this WI36 you will know of the poor condition she was in when we began bringing her back to life. 

             The head needed to be rebuilt so a new gasket kit from Wilcox Crittenden was ordered and installed.  In addition the connecting rod was cracked and needed to replaced.  This was done last season but the unit needed a repainting from the years of neglect and leaks.  This unit is very sturdy, all cast bronze and very easy to work on. 

             That is the project I have started this weekend, seeing as how its snowing today it seemed like a good task. 

I completed the head reconditioning.  I used an Epoxy Appliance paint from Rust-oleum.  It was very easy to brush on and produced a nice smooth finish.  I will see how it holds up.

Here is the head disassembled.  You can see from the base and stand how the paint has worn away from leaks over time. 

Head Recondition    

Wilcox Crittenden “Skipper”

Updated: 16 Jan ‘08

Last Updated: 21 May 2008

Here is the finished product.  Waiting to install.