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Has anyone experienced problems with corrosion in the mast step?  I bolted a 1/2" stainless plate on the top part of the step and plan to re-inforce the undersections at some point.  Has anyone had this problem?  When we got the boat the step was in a severe state of corrosion.

Another modification made to this hull was the custom mast and boom.  A second set of lowers, angled aft, was added with an accompanying  bulkhead located on each side shelf in the main saloon.  In addition there is a detachable inner forestay, similar to a solent stay but not as high up.  It detaches in between the bow cleats and provides for a nice small jib in heavy weather.  In addition to this there is a self-tailing winch on an angled pad on the underside of the boom for the reeefing lines.

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As you can tell in the pics of the boat the stern section is not original.  This was modified at some point in its history I was told at Charley Morgan's brokerage yard and it was done to four hulls.  It is a fantastic addition and makes for a great swim platform/boarding area and also provides for excellent outdoor shower storage.

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