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This page will document projects and upgrades.  In addition there will be questions posed regarding unresolved problems.

The wire winch which came with this boat required 85 turns to raise or lower the board.  I have replaced this winch with a 12:1 purchase system.

The abuse this boat took finally caught up with the centerboard and it needs replacement after a failure at the end of the season.

The original Grey Industries port lights are failing due to age and UV degradation.  I will be replacing them with new models.

The boat did not appear to have had any work done to repair or prevent blistering, which for the age of the boat (30 years) is a shame.  I completed phase one of this repair in year one.

The boat originally came with a boom topping lift which I did not care for since it chaffed the main sail and did not support the boom in lighter air.

Centerboard Winch Replacement

Blister Repair

Port light replacement

Centerboard replacement

Boom Kicker Installation

Projects & Problems

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Updated: 31 May ‘08

Here is the story of Stan March and two West Indies 33’s

WI33 Refit Page

More details...

We have a Wilcox Crittenden “Skipper” head.  It is a great unit but was in need of some TLC

Head Reconditioning

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The Dorade vent for the head has been replaced with a Bomar G910-1111 Hatch.

Ventilation Hatch Install

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