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General Information

If you do not know anything about osmotic blisters on fiberglass boats, or even if you do; read this article which give a very detailed look as to the possible causes and cures of this phenomenon.

Luckily the hull is solid fiberglass otherwise this hull would have catastrophically failed years ago.† I ground out ~300 blisters in the hull and filled them with West System epoxy and a filler additive.† Next I faired the areas to flush with the hull.† Time constraints stopped me from applying an Interprotect barrier coat.† In the Spring of í07† the barrier coat was applied after some minor fairing and the bottom should be good for its lifetime with us.

The surface of the Moon?† No, itís a fiberglass blistered boat bottom!

Blister Repair

Oh the Horror!

Stripped and ready!

Detail of the filled blisters.† The fill was West System epoxy with Colloidal Silica added.† A note of warning, Colloidal Silica and epoxy are EXTREAMLY hard, if you can find an easier sanding option, take it!

Five coats of Interprotect later and Voila!

Tight, like a Tiger!

Ahhh!† Almost ready for a spring splash!