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Other Heritage Yachts
Marica V   Marica V Nav Station   Marica V Engine  

Here is a WI33 I found on a self-steer website. Note the transom hung rudder to save space in the cockpit.


Here is another view of the transom.


An interior cockpit view of the WI33.

Cockpit Table  
Margret and Ian
  Rick and Patricia Bowen  

Here is the second WI33 I found, on Yachtworld a few years ago. The listing had a few interior shots but I lost them with a computer crash.

  A dorade and hatch upgrade on a WI36.   A more detailed look of the hatch upgrade.  
  Here is a layout change to the Option "A" interior. Note the drop leaf fore and aft configuation.   A closer look with a better view of the cabin heater.   WI36 Phoenix after a refit.  
  Alternate Main Sheet system on Phoenix   Galley setup with double Lexan sliders and plug in Refrigerator. Corian countertops.   Another Galley layout.  
  WI33 with custom portlights. More on these in the Project Section.   Sea Biscuit on the cover of SouthWinds magazine.   Sea Biscuit competing in a Morgan Invation Regatta.  
  A 3D rendering from the Morgan Chantyman.   Bow detail of a Chrysler 37, the very last WI36 produced when Chrysler Marine bought the molds from Heritage Yachts.   Port and Handrail detail of a Chrysler 37. Here is shot of the aft portlight detail. The owner said that when he replaced the lenses there were the cut outs for drains from the original opening portlights.  As an interesting side note, if you go to the shot of  Mystere you will note the solid portlights aft.  This was only done on hull no. 1 as Charley Morgan thought that the plexi glass would not be strong enough in a heavy seaway and thus the change to larger portlights in the after two on each side.