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Off Quay Re-fit

The Plan - 18 July 2011

The plan was to get to the Bahamas or further south for the winter. Cosmetically, the boat looks pretty rough in the quarter berth and there are several problems to be straightened out before going too far. I'm on the hard in Ft. Lauderdale for the time being and when we haul out here in Toronto I'll head to the boat & try to get cleaned up & organized.

My friends here in Toronto own Marica V (hull #11) and they have been advising me along the way. I'm not sure if it was to my advantage or not, but I have rebuilt several boats & I think I can get this one back to shape without burning my pension cheques. At the haul out the centre board cable broke, so I guess that's a place to start. The starboard deck scupper leaked into the quarter berth & there is a rotten shelf and some mold to deal with there. There are beautiful, expensive battery cables going to three banks, but not a battery switch on the boat & that needs attention. It also goes against everything I've been taught so I wasn't surprised that battery power was a problem. The bottom was in pretty good shape after a pressure wash with only a couple of blisters smaller than a finger nail. The main sail is behind the mast furling, but of course it has a rip that needs repairing before I can go anywhere. The furling foresail is a bit tired & dirty, but seems OK for the time being. The Perkins is a re-power job and has 704 hours on it so hopefully it will last with regular maintenance.

I've had two Islanders for years and sold my 30' last June & kept my 36'. I'm just about done the revival on it and the Heritage should keep me busy for a while in sunnier climes than Toronto in February. Thanks again for your e mail, I'll keep in touch if that's OK. The West Indies forum doesn't seem to be too active from the dates on postings, but the Islander net went through that too.

Progress - 13 Feb 2012

Just a short note to let you know this boat is now Canadian registered and will have a re-naming ceremony before leaving the marina.

  I spent three weeks in November sorting out a few problems and the month of January. My wife joined me for three weeks in January and we're about ready to go. I get my knee replacement replaced on Monday, so I was called back to Toronto a month or so ahead of schedule. 

  It turns out the centre board is in fine condition and works as well as ever; no broken cable. The glass mat batteries have been replaced with Group 31's for the time being & the leaky packing gland has been replaced with the proper size tube and new packing gland. Those great guys at Frank & Jimmy's cleaned the shaft & prop, dye checked the shaft, straightened it, mounted a new coupling and provided brass keys. 

  The mold problem was really non-existant. I did rip out those deck drains and put in new scupper drains on each side to help with the water on deck. I installed a new 40 gallon water tank & my wife was happy to have hot water & a pressure system.

  The starboard side of the keel had two blisters, but the port side had a few more problems. There were a couple of great guys working on the hull and blisters went under the grinder before epoxy sealed up the keel.

  I got a new furling mainsail the exact size from St. Augustine at the Sailors Exchange for a quarter of the price quoted in Ft. Lauderdale.


Off Quay's Refit
small product photo      
New Packing Gland

Blister repair

  Hull and bottom repainted  
A shot of the swim ladder and platform   In the water. Note the davits and traveller system.   Detail of the Traveller on the davit arch  
  Off Quay before her refit