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West Indies 36 & 38 Drawings

WI36&38_Rudder Detail

WI36_Breast Fitting Detail

WI36_Bulkheads and Interior Details

WI36_Centerboard Detail

WI36_Deck Hardware Schedule

WI36_Deck Lamination Schedule

WI36_Deck Plan

WI36_Electrical Layout

WI36_Engine Space Layout

WI36_Fuel Tank Detail

WI36_Interior Layout Options

WI36_Plumbing Layout

WI36_Rudder & Skeg Profile Detail

WI36_Rudder Assembly

WI38_Lines Drawing

WI38_Sail Plan

WI38_Stem Fitting



WI36 Mast Collar Detail

WI36 & 38 Vang Gooseneck Detail

WI36 & 38 Vang Tang Detail

WI36 & 38 Rudder Skeg Centerboard Lamination Schedule

WI36 & 38 Headliner Detail

WI36 & 38 Rudder Installation

WI36 & 38 New Rudder and Skeg Position

WI36 & 38 Spreader Detail

WI38 Backstay Chainplate

WI36 Rudder Shaft Detail