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Delfino's Portlight Replacement

Here is project to replace the port lights.  All the ports were removed using the Antibond 2015.  It made a HUGE difference in breaking the 5200 bond.  After the ports were out it was a simple job of scrapping the remaining sealant off.  The port lights from New Found Metals are an exact fit but the drain channels need to be cut out.

The New Found Metal Tri-Matrix ports are great replacements for the old Bomar/Grey Industries ports.  A few pointers on installation:

  • Fit the outer section to the opening and clamp in place to act as a drill template
  • Mark the outer cabin through the outer section with a 5/16” bit
  • After all the holes are marked, drill through the cabin top with a 1/2” for all the holes.  This gives you the play you will need because the cabin thickness and cabin liner have varying thickness
  • For most of the ports we required 27mm length bolts instead of the standard 30mm.  The port on the aft part of the cabin trunk (in the cockpit, above the ice box) had the highest thickness and we could not use a Tri-Matrix port we had to buy a stainless port with a 1.5” spigot.
  • If the outer nut is not flush you will NOT be able to start the bolt, don’t waste your time.  Trust me on this one.  Find out why it will not go flush and correct the problem
large product photo
  First port out

Here is the first port out.  The cockpit/galley port.  This was taken out before I purchased a 5200 solvent.  As you can see part of the gelcoat came off during removal.


large product photo

Here is the pile of port pieces.


    5200's Kryptonite  

This stuff can only be described as magical!  Made by JWB Environmental.  It can be purchased at West Marine on line.

    Old Portlight Removal  
Using a gasket scraper to open up the lip I sprayed the 2015 all around the port.  After it was all loose, I made cuts with a hack saw into the port.  Prying out snapped the port frame and each piece came out.
    Inside View of Old Port Removed  
Here you can see the attention to detail of how the cut out for the port was glassed over to prevent the balsa core from getting wet.
    Inside view of installed Port  
Here you can see how nice the stainless and lexan blend in with the interior. The spring loaded aspect of the port is also a nice feature.
    Outside view of installed Port  
Here is the nice and simple outside view of the port.