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Centerboard Repair  
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Delfino's Centerboard Repair
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The centerboard on our boat failed towards the end of the season after a long beat out the mouth of the Sakonnett River, a really fun sail of ~30 miles out and back.  The board cracked and would not retract more than half way. 

To give you some background, the boat sat pier side in Marathon, FL for ~3 years and was aground at low tide.  When the boat arrived up North it took about a half hour of digging mud out of the centerboard trunk to get it out for inspection.  After bringing it home I found a crack all along the leading edge where it had sat on the bottom.  I ground out this crack and filled it in and glassed it over before applying bottom paint.  It appears that the crack allowed water to break the bond between the steel and fiberglass which led to the failure.


The steel structure is very basic, a flat plate with three holes approximately three inches in diameter which allowed the fiber glass and fairing material to adhere to the steel.  The new steel plate will have stiffeners which will make the board much more resilient.


The new structure has been built, I bartered an old BMW marine diesel for the material and labor.  Here are the pictures of the new structure.  Note the stiffeners, also this plate is 3/8” versus the 1/4” original.

  New Centerboard    

The new centerboard with high density foam bonded to the steel is ready for shaping.