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Boom Kicker Installation

This installation is by far one of the easiest upgrades you can do to your boat.  The Boom Kicker comes as a kit and contains everything you will need to install except tools, it even includes a drill and tap!  I purchased this one from Defender Marine which had it in stock and was the cheapest online store. 

The installation starts by attaching your main halyard or boom topping lift to the end of the boom and setting it at its normal sailing height.  Next place the assembled Boom Kicker under the boom as a dry fit to determine if there will be any interference with existing equipment.  If you do not have any issues here then you can mark where the mast attachment point goes and mount it.

With the mast attachment in place you next put the Boom kicker on and bring it up to where the boom is, while holding on to the boom mounting plate.  You will notice that there is an opening on one end of the bracket.  This opening allows you to remove the boom from the Boom Kicker by simply raising the boom.  You should raise the boom to a point that you think is the highest it will be while sailing, you should pick a height higher than this to mount the boom attachment bracket to so that the Boom Kicker does not fall out while sailing.

Scupper Tubes
The leaking scupper tubes were resealed using 3M 5200.  This was accomplished by removing the old sealant inside the boat and replacing it but also sealing the outside around the deck scupper tube.  The outside interface between the tube and the deck received a 1/8 inch groove around the tube using a Dremal rotary tool with a ball type stone.

Companion Way Shroud
The companion way shroud was remover, repaired and refinished using two part polyurethane paint. While the shroud was off the boat I found that the companion way stop was installed without bedding compound and the screw installation provided a leak path for water to enter the space between the cabin overhead and the deck tray.  This was repaired by reinstalling the stop with 3M 4200 sealant

Boom Kicker Detail
small product photo      
Boom Kicker installed

A closer look