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Accolade's C/B Sheevebox Replacement

Here is project to replace the centerboard sheeve box.  The main job was to replace the centerboard mechanism. Everything in the bilge was rotted out, including the centerboard lift. I think many WI36 owners can profit from this information. We had a new pulley fabricated, all stainless. The material including bolts was ~$110 with the welding being ~$160. The old system was held by two rusty bolts. There was always salt water in the bilge because the stainless pipe holding the c/b pennant had pin hole leaks, this was replaced with reinforced hose.

large product photo
  New Sheeve Box

All Stainless construction


large product photo
  Old SheeveBox Removal  

Here you can see the state of the old sheeve box before removal.


    New Sheeve Box Installed with OSPHO and POR 15  

The new box was treated with OSPHO and POR15 while the stainless pennant tube was replaced with a reinforced hose.