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Heritage West Indies 36


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Head Dorade replacement to Hatch
External view of hatch

Internal view

  Deck cutout  

These boats originally had two Dorade vents just forward of midships.  One in the head and one in the STBD passageway forward.  I replaced the one in the head with a small Bomar hatch.  The reasons were two fold.  One I thought I could get better ventilation with a hatch because it was a bigger opening and two because it let in more light.

             I started the install by marking the cutout with the inner molding ring.  This is the largest piece in the assembly and fits from the inside of the hatch.  After marking the deck I drilled holes at each corner so that I could insert a saw blade.  Next it was connecting the dots and before you know it I had a hole in the deck.  After the panic subsided and I dry fit the hatch I started to look for ways to adjust for the small camber in the deck.  I found that I could fit two 3/16” washers in the gap on either side.  So I laid down sealant and mounted the hatch.  One thing that  I did find is that the deck in that area is ~1.75” thick!