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Heritage West Indies 36

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Center board Control Line Winch Replacement
Purchase Outlet

Front end of the purchase

  Under load  

This project involved removing the centerboard winch which was not an original item to the boat.  The original winches had a small crank handle operated with a push release for the ratchet mechanism. 

After the winch was removed the turning blocks were mounted to the cockpit sides.  At the inside of the transom an existing through bolt was used to anchor the back end of the purchase system.

After a dry run of the system it was determined that a fairlead was required for the blocks as they passed through the aft quarter bulkhead.  Having some spare 3” PVC laying around I used this to pass the purchase system through.

To help start the board going down I attached some shock cord in the purchase to help with the pay out.

At this time I also replaced the centerboard pennant with 3/8” spectra.  I found an end role length of 40’ which is about twice as much as necessary but I ran the entire length in so that each season I can change the wearing points.